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India is a Country of Agriculture.more than 70% population lives in villages. An Indian farmer more

India is a Country of Agriculture.more than 70% population lives in villages. An Indian farmer more

Recurring Deposit Plan - Small Saving Scheme

Build your savings bit by bit through regular monthly deposits. Invest in Shreedhar banke Nidhi Ltd Recurring Deposit now!

Benefits of Recurring Deposit Interest Rates

Safe investment - Recurring deposits carry no risk or very little at all. Choose a stable and secure Nidhi Company to ensure that your money is safe. Recurring deposits are just a simple investment of your money and do not dabble in the markets. Therefore the interest rate will not fluctuate and you do not stand to lose any money.

Earn while you save - Your deposit will earn interest from your first contribution. The interest accumulated will increase through your tenure. The longer you invest, the more interest you will earn.

Lump sum payout - At the end of the RD tenure, you will receive a lump sum of cash. This amount includes your contribution plus the interest earned. You can use the money to reinvest it or spend it on what you were saving for.

Loan Offers - When you have an RD with a Nidhi Company, you sometimes get pre-approved loan offers. In other cases, your loan applications will be given preference and your processing might be faster. In addition to this, banks offer concessional interest rates on loans as well.

Terms & Conditions:-

  1. Interest will be calculated on yearly basis.
  2. Recurring Deposit minimum amount Rs 500/- thereafter in multiples of Rs 100/-
  3. Irregular deposits are not entitled for pre mature payment and loan facility against it.
  4. On irregular deposits if all irregular pending deposits are paid then such account will be treated as regular. Even if there is default in payment of installment the said account will be treated as irregular.
  5. After maturity date payment on irregular accounts will be made after deduction the penalty amount maximum to the limit of interest earned on such account. No deductions will be made on principle amount of such accounts.
  6. R.D. will not be premature within first 3 month.
  7. If R.D. is matured after 3 month but before 6 month no interest will be paid.
  8. If any person premature its R.D. then the person will be paid 2% less of maturity interest after 6 months to 60 months.
  9. in case of death of a depositor, the company wiill repay to nominee or beneficiary the principal & interest, at which it was accepted.